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Application Form: Only we have introduced easyest online application form without any registration process. The application form will be filled up by the student in on single step. The form will contain applicant’s basic data with validation checking in every step. This data will help you to make various reports for university’s requirements. There will be two types of application form i.e. (i) For General Course (Pass Course) (ii) For Advance Courses (Honours).

Subject Combination: This is the one of the major headache of the college authority. We have made is easy.There will be fixed subject wise combinations. So, the applicant will not be able to take subject other as per his/her own combination.

Best of Subjects and Effective Marks: We process this on spot. When a student will enter the H.S. or equivalent marks with H.S. Council/Board and Year of Passing our system will calculate the Best of Marks with Deduction and the details of marks will be prepared and the applicant can see the Effective marks.

QRcode AEN: After successfully submission of the application form applicant will get an Applicant’s Enrollment Number (AEN) and a fees challan and a filled-up Application Form will be offered to print with an printed AEN in both of Alfa-numeric and BARCODE form. Due to QRCODE the printed application form nerver been edited.

One Time Password (OTP): Student will get his AEN no at his/her registered mobile number after successful submission of the Application form and fees payment.

Duration of Application Process: Application form for online submission will not be available to the applicants before the college specified date and time as well as the application form will not be submitted after the college specified Closing Date & Time.

Application Fees Payment: We know that in very rural area the applicants are not familier with online payment concept. For this reason we have introduced different types of payment methods.The application fees can be taken in different ways as per choice of college authority. There will be three types of processes. You can choose any one, two or three from the following 1) Candidate can Printed Challans 2) Bank MIS 3) Online payment gateway.

Meritlist: Creation of errorless Meritlist satisfying university & College criteria is a headache of the college authority. We have solved this uniquely. You do not need to take help of any other speadsheet or other database programme. Any complex criteria. Submission of online application form does not mean that the applicant is entitled to show his/her name at merit list. His/her name will appear at merit list only if the applicant pays the Requisite application fees and satisfies the university and / or college norms for admission. If the application fees are not paid then his/her candidature will be rejected for merit list. According to the predefined Criteria the Merit list will be generated automatically by our software when college authority asked it and you do not need to use any other Spreadsheet program. Merit list will be generated categorically like– General Category, SC Category, ST category, OBC-A category, OBC-B category, Physically Disable category or Sports category. Merit list of each category will contain the Cross Reference Number(CRN) of the others. Merit list will be created with AEN, Name of the Applicant, Name of Board, Year of Passing, Subject Marks, Best of Marks, Effective Marks and Remarks. Remarks will tell the applicant the CRN/Marks Deduction/Cause of Rejection/etc. Our system will also show you non merit listed candidates with proper explanations.

An SMS will be sent to the eligible candidate whose merit list rank is within our intake capacity ask him/her to confirm his/her candidature for admission respective of each subject and category. Candidate will be able do this job on exchange an OTP sent by our server automatically. After receiving his/her response an admission Challan will be printed automatically . He / she may deposit the amount at bank within a stipulated time or pay it by on line payment get way instantly. Next he/she will be asked to appear before the admission authority at college along with his/ her original documents and his/ her admission will confirm then. At the end of day a mail will be received from bank along with an attachment. We have just to attach that file with our software to update payments .i.e. there is no need to update payment manually. This feature is optional.

Online Counseling: According to merit list student will be called for counseling where the merit list is visible. If all the documents are produced and the applicant student is selected for admission you need only one mouse click on the name of the applicant. The applicant in now ready to take admission.

Admission in 1st Year: There are two types of admission process. No1 is – in this stage the applicant will pay the required admission fees which is predefined and the admission will be confirmed. No2 is – only select the auto generated Student- ID and print admission slip containing that STUDENT-ID, Subject combinations. The applicant will move to cash counter along with that printed slip or through online payment facility to confirm his/her. Admission in 1st year.

Digital Photo & Signature capturing system: When a student will take admission in 1st year in the college the system will capture the Signature & Photos digitally. So the Student Identity Card will be generated with 100% accuracy.

Online Form Fill up: There are several forms which is required to fill up by student. Student can fill all types of Form like Casual, Provisional, Review form with pre requisite fees.

Online Fees Collection: There are various fees which are taken around the year from the students. You will get this system i.e. E-FEESBOOK.

Student Registration: This is one of the manual headache of the office staff. Now All the universities has declared to submit digital data of the student with photographs in a particular format. Our software is ready for that purpose. Our registration data will be generated automatically according to University Format.

Student Ledger: When a student will do any type of cash transaction that will be reflected in the student’s ledger then & there.

Daily Cash Report (DCR): This is very important part of the college. We have taken the special care to develop the system. This section is combined with FEES-FEES HEAD-STUDENT in one place. You will get a full picture of cash transaction in you college at anytime.

Subject Transfer: A student can change the stream or subject at specific time by the college. The transfer fees and other criteria will be controlled by the software.

Certificates:There are various certificates issued by the college around the year. This is a headache of the Institutional Head. We have made easy in our system. Any type of certificate will be produced with pre-defined TEMPLATE. There are no limit of Certificates type.

We have developped the following application which will help you to get better Grade in NAAC Accredition:

You can get Alumni Information online with Identity verification. Proper database will be processed.


Three types of feedback 1)Alumni feedback 2)Student Feedback 3)Teacher Feedback 4)Staff Feedback


Teacher Student Elearning System. Faculty will upload 3 types of materials(Notes,Slide,Video) for Passs/Hons/Semestar wise. Student will get the materials after successful login


Students will send greivance to college throough the system. Action will be taken by authority. All the system will be control by this Software.

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